Accurate search is a time and resource consuming process, but because of our learnings from Executive Search, we have perfected our approach and removed the redundant steps for searches at this level.

The search process entails an examination of companies, where relevant candidates may be employed. From here we expand the search and locate qualified candidates from other areas of interest. Based on our list, we begin screening possible candidates, to clarify their job situation, wishes and demands for a new job. We also obtain the candidates CVs and possibly references.

During the process, the candidates are interviewed several times, learning more about their competences, personality, background, and motivation to give us a full view of them as a person and employee. The result is a list of the best candidates from which you can choose.

Discretion is in our nature, and in FieldPotential we can conduct completely confidential searches, where it is possible to disclose information regarding the role or client to our candidates.