Our heritage is from Executive Search

Who are we

We might be a search company that assists clients when they need to hire on specialist and junior management levels, but the essence of our work is the people.

By this, we don’t mean it is just about the candidates, whether they have the experience, competence and personality to fit the role. For us it’s a 360-degree view, where we also have the hiring manager and the team in mind. We look at what kind of organisation it is, what are the values and how is the company culture.

It is a puzzle where all the pieces must fit together just right. In FieldPotential, our people are driven by this. It’s our passion, it’s a part of who we are.


We find the right candidate, which means we work proactively and reach out to people that aren’t necessarily looking for a career change. We make them curious about the job and find out, if they are the right fit for your organisation.

FieldPotential is a sister company to Mangaard & Partners, an executive search and consultancy company delivering processes within senior management, Director-, VP-, SVP- and C -level as well as Non-Executive Board level – visit their website at mangaardpartners.com.

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+45 7022 9212

+45 7022 9212