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Our Services

FieldPotential specializes in providing search processes.

We help you find the talent you need

FieldPotential specializes in providing search processes for both specialist and junior management positions, catering to a wide range of markets and sectors. Our primary goal is to help our clients find the right talent to meet their specific needs. 

When we engage with a potential client, we thoroughly assess whether we can truly add value and successfully complete the search. If we believe we can meet your requirements and achieve the desired outcome, we will provide you with a fixed price proposal. This approach ensures transparency and clarity in our engagements.

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Customized search process suited to your specific needs

It’s important to note that we are selective in the searches we undertake. We only accept projects where we have confidence in our ability to deliver results. If we believe that a particular search doesn’t align with our expertise or capabilities, we won’t hesitate to decline the opportunity. This commitment to integrity ensures that we maintain a high standard of service. 

Moreover, we understand that every client is unique, and their requirements vary. Therefore, we have the flexibility to customize our search processes to suit the specific needs of our customers. Whether it’s tailoring the search criteria, methodologies, or timelines, we are dedicated to providing a personalized approach that aligns with your organization’s goals. 

In summary, FieldPotential is committed to delivering tailored search solutions that add value, are transparent in pricing, and are based on our confidence in successfully completing the search. We prioritize our clients’ needs and adapt our services to provide the best possible outcomes. 

Our services

If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to contact us using our formular in the bottom of this page or on our contact page. 

You can also calculate your unique price if you are interested in any of our services. 

Standard Search

International search, with all services included. The search is carried out in cooperation with our partners around the world. We put together a team of 3 and ensure that the search is completed in 5-6 weeks

An FPM (Field Potential Mapping) uncovers the available talent within a specific geographical market for particular job functions. All potential candidates are contacted personally and are posed a series of questions, which are then added to the FPM report.

This is not merely about presenting a report with a shortlist of 3-4 potential candidates for a specific position, but rather a thorough market investigation of available talent. An FPM is conducted anonymously by us, without any mention of you as the client.

An FPM can serve as both current market information about talent and competitive conditions. It can also be utilized in your further recruitment processes, allowing you to freely reach out to the mapped candidates.

We can also expand an FPM with additional questions. Here, we will clarify the extent to which potential candidates are motivated to make a job change, their timeline, the type of role they desire, their current salary level/expected salary level, as well as their CV. If there are any additional specific questions you want, we will incorporate them.

The report for an expanded FPM can also be conducted as an ongoing monitoring, where we update all the candidates on the list. We also continuously add new names to the list. Updates typically occur every 3 months.

Both an FPM and an Expanded FPM are priced based on the number of candidates contacted, who can be included in a report. This means you’re not paying for the number of hours spent, where the outcome of the final result could be quite varied, but rather for a finished product. We categorize the sizes of the reports in intervals of 10 individuals.

A Field Potential Mapping is usually delivered within 2-6 weeks from the start of the task, depending on the size and whether it’s a basic or expanded FPM. FPM is billed in full at the start of the task.

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