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Our heritage is from Executive Search

We find the best talent on the market, we don’t just choose the best applicant.

The services we provide

FieldPotential deliver search processes for specialist and junior management levels, across markets and sectors. 

If we believe we can add value and succeed with the search, then we will create an offer for you, where we give you a fixed price.

We only accept searches, which we know we can complete and don’t hesitate to say no thank you, if this isn’t the situation.

Standard Search

International search, with all services included. The search is carried out in cooperation with our partners around the world. We put together a team of 3 and ensure that the search is completed in 5-6 weeks.

Basic Search

Nordic Search together with our partners in the Scandinavian countries. The team consists of 2 persons and the search is expected to be completed in 7-8 weeks.

Light Search

National search, including our basic services, and 3-month warranty. The search is expected to be completed in 7-8 weeks and will be conducted by one person.


An FPM (Field Potential Mapping) uncovers the available talent within a specific geographical market for particular job functions.

Our services

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